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3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine (RBM-1000)


RBM 3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine Model: RBM-1000 (Patent Granted MY-133290-A) is a functional machine that is integrated with SMART & INNOVATIVE technology for different types of applications & complies with building requirement in a green, systematic and energy efficient way.

The machine has an inbuilt foam generator with an amazing capacity of 600 litres of foam per minute and there is also a conveyor to deliver raw materials for processing concrete. The RBM-1000 has a conveyor to deliver raw materials for processing concrete and, specially designed with an auto-weighing scale system, to control all materials required, according to the formulation setting.  The RBM-1000 has a powerful mixer which meets different types of concrete mixing needs and a high tech pump-system that can deliver concrete up to 35 storeys (125m vertically) with an output of 7.5m³/hr.

  1. Consistent quality
    • Mixing ratio can be controlled
    • Every batch of mixture is consistent
    • Stone and unnescessary objects can be filtered away
  2. Small number of skilled workers
    • Minimum labour - 3 people
    • Maximum labour - 5 people
    • Utilises both skilled and unskilled labour
  3. Saves Time
    • The machine can produce one batch of mixture within every 3 minutes
  4. Ready mix concrete truck
    • No need for a concrete truck
  5. Higher profit margins
    • The machine can pump out 7.5m3 of foam concrete per hour
    • Higher production output
  6. Mobile Crane
    • RBM-1000 can pump the foam concrete up to 35 storeys (125m height) (250m horizontally)
    • The RBM-1000 replaces the use of a mobile crane
  1. Foam concrete infill into formwork for solid external, internal wall/solid parition wall
  2. EPS Foam Concrete infill into solid internal wall/solid partition wall
  3. Spray plastering and conveying plaster mortar
  4. Reinforced concrete/design mix into column/slab/ wall (Grade 20-35)
  5. Floor screeding (self-levelling concrete), water proofing, grouting
  6. Mortar for laying bricks, tile works & repair works